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Ducky’s new keyboard the Ducky One 2 SF, has non-standard key sizing on the bottom right hand side of the board.

To properly cover the keyboard you’ll want to make note of the following:

  • the RSHIFT key is a 2u size
  • the RALT and FN keys to the right of SPACE are both 1u

Here’s a link to a quick keycap size reference I put up over on along with a quick reference image below.

Ducky One 2 SF key size reference
Ducky One 2 SF key size reference (click for full size)

If you don’t already own one you can grab a Ducky One 2 SF from Amazon or At the time I wrote this post there was no stock on the Amazon USA site but seems to have some currently.

There are plenty of reviews online if you’re considering this keyboard but I think BadSeed Tech sums it up quite nicely in his video.

Signature Plastics has a wide range of keycap sets that would work perfectly. I go through ordering a couple of sets below.

Let’s see how we can cover the board with a DSA profile keycap set like DSA Granite.

To cover the keyboard we need the following:

  • the Common Kit for the alphas, numerics and F-keys
  • the Icon or Text Modifier kit to cover the modifiers
  • the Icon Pro or Text Pro Modifier kit which will take care of the 1u RALT and 1u FN keys to the right of the spacebar
  • the Icon Extreme or Text Extreme Modifier kit which has a 2u RSHIFT key

I really wish the Icon Pro/Text Pro Modifier kits just included a 2u SHIFT in there already but such is life in this hobby.

Alternatively you could just skip the two Modifier and Extreme sets and just buy a pack of blank DSA 1 Space and DSA 2 Space each in GRAY (GDE) color which is what the Granite mods are.

The 1u caps are sold in a pack of 10 for $10 and the 2u keycaps come in a pack of 4 for $6.

I would probably go with the blanks myself since it’s so much cheaper but if you like rotating keycap sets or own more than one keyboard the extra kits might make more sense for you.

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